Microlight Flight Training at Sywell in Northamptonshire Call us on 07882 590499
Microlight Flight Training at Sywell in Northamptonshire                          Call us on 07882 590499 

Training & Examining Prices

All our prices include the final landing fee at the end of each lesson. Sywell aerodrome charge for every landing and touch & go, so to ensure that you are only paying for the runway when you are using it a circuit surcharge is payable when circuit training. This keeps the cost of training in the local area, and hence, the overall cost of training to a minimum.

Flight Training & Courses  

Flight Training per Hour - School Aircraft

(includes briefings, *excludes circuit surcharge)


10 Hour Flight Training - School Aircraft

(includes briefings, *excludes circuit surcharge)


Course Fee - School Aircraft

(includes 25Hrs Flight Training (*excludes circuit surcharge), 10Hrs Ground School, 5 Written Exams, GST & Ground Oral)

Any extra time required can be paid for at the appropriate rates.


Dual Flight Training per Hour - Own Aircraft

(*excludes circuit surcharge)


Solo Flight Training per Hour - Own Aircraft

(*excludes circuit surcharge)


*Sywell Circuit Surcharge - added to the appropriate flying rate, per hour of circuit training at Sywell

(See Note 1 Below)

Ground School & Examinations  
Ground School per Hour £32.00
Written Exams per Paper £37.00

General Skills Test (GST)

- including Oral Exam plus hourly flying rate

Trial Lessons  
Trial Lesson - 30 Minute £80.00

Trial Lesson - 60 Minute

FRTOL Training & Examinations:  
Ground School per Hour £32.00
Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence Courses (excluding examinations)          -              Prices From £165.00
Communications Written Examination £37.00
Radiotelephony Practical Test Fee £105.00
For full details on Radiotelephony courses & exams: Click Here
Flylight Flying Club Membership Rates:  
Membership Type (per annum)  
Licenced Pilot - Full membership £120.00
Student Pilot - Training membership £80.00

Note 1:

The circuit surcharge is generally paid per session, or part session, of circuits on the day. Any circuit surcharge which has been pre-paid for convenience carries no discount and is subject to change if the aerodrome movement fees change. In this case either the difference will be charged, or the balance will be amended to reflect the change. As much notice as possible will be given before any change in the prices.

This school supports the British Microlight Aircraft Association. Click the link to find out more


If you would like to join the BMAA we can process your application here at Sunbird Sky.... just ask our instructor! 

Aerodrome Address:

Sunbird Sky

Flylight Flying Club

Sywell Aerodrome

Wellingborough Road Sywell

Northants. NN6 0BN


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