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A National Private Pilot Licence - NPPL(A) Microlight licence is required to fly microlights, and can be gained by training with a qualified flying instructor in accordance with a CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) syllabus of training. The minimum requirements for a full NPPL(A) Microlight licence without Operational Limitations are:


  • 25 hours flight training, to include:
  • 10 hours as PIC (Solo)
  • 5 hours flight navigational training, to include a minimum of 3 hours solo navigation training - The solo navigation training must include either of the following qualifying cross country options:
    • Two solo qualifying cross country flights, each having a minimum total flight distance of 40 nautical miles and a landing at another site which is at least 15 nautical miles from the take off site measured in a straight line. The two solo qualifying cross country flights must be flown over different routes and to different sites.
    • A single solo qualifying cross country flight, having a minimum total flight distance of 100 nautical miles and two landings at other sites, each of which are more than 15 nautical miles, measured in a straight line, from the point of take off and from the take off site at which the flight began.
  • Pass 5 written examinations
  • Pass a general skills test (GST)
  • Pass an Aircraft (Type) ground oral test - usually completed at the same time as the GST 


The 5 written exams cover the following subjects and are all presented in a mix of multiple choice and written answers:

  • Airlaw
  • Human Factors
  • Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Aerotechnical


There are certain time limits that some of the above elements need to be completed in prior to licence application, and your instructor will cover all these details with you and structure your training accordingly.


There is an option of completing an NPPL(A) Microlight Restricted Licence with Operational Limitations, which only requires a minimum of 15 hours flight training and only 7 hours solo. This licence does, however, carry a number of restrictions including limiting you to only flying in the local area - no more than 8nm from your point of take off.


This may all sound a little onerous, but in practice it is a fascinating experience and great fun. A microlight licence is generally simpler to complete than a conventional aircraft licence. The exams are a mix of multiple choice and written answers and, although thorough, the subjects are easily and enjoyably learnt.


Please note that the above licence requirements are minimums and do not guarantee a pass, everyone learns at different rates and times may vary. However anyone with determination and a little application should be able to achieve their licence.


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