Microlight Flight Training at Sywell in Northamptonshire Call us on 07882 590499
Microlight Flight Training at Sywell in Northamptonshire                          Call us on 07882 590499 

The Flylight Flying Club

The Flylight Flying Club has a comfortable club lounge & pilot equipment shop available for all club members to use. It is the focal point for all activities and has an active social scene including fly-outs.


The club offers to its members:


  • Organisation of fly-outs
  • Club outings & meetings
  • Use of the club room & planning facilities
  • Use of the aerodrome facilities
  • Reduced landing fees to residential aircraft
  • Reduced landing fees to all club members
  • Discounts on aircraft, servicing & accessories
  • Free help & advice
  • Contact & knowledge sharing with experienced pilots & instructors
  • Fuel is also available at a 24Hr self-service pump installation on the aerodrome, which includes unleaded fuel specifically for microlights


To fly with us it is a school requirement that student pilots are members of the club. All members should read, sign & abide by the club flying orders.

Club membership rates:

Membership Type (per annum) Fee Payable
Licenced Pilot - Full membership £120.00
Student Pilot - Training membership £80.00

Aerodrome Address:

Sunbird Sky

Flylight Flying Club

Sywell Aerodrome

Wellingborough Road Sywell

Northants. NN6 0BN


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