Microlight Flight Training at Sywell in Northamptonshire Call us on 07882 590499
Microlight Flight Training at Sywell in Northamptonshire                          Call us on 07882 590499 

Irwin Baker - Instructor & Examiner

Irwin started flying in the late 1980's and has over 8500 hours of flying experience. He has been involved in flight training since 2000 and is an experienced CAA-approved instructor, ground & flight examiner, FIC instructor, holds a Flight Information Service Officer's Licence & is an Authorised CAA RTF Examiner.


He has been training pilots at Sywell for many years and has a real passion for all elements of flight training. He also holds a full EASA Part-FCL PPL with night rating, and has experience flying many types of aircraft including tail-wheel, aerobatic aircraft and complex types.


Irwin is married to Rebecca, who also works at the club, an will welcome you when you arrive at our club reception/lounge.

This school supports the British Microlight Aircraft Association. Click the link to find out more


If you would like to join the BMAA we can process your application here at Sunbird Sky.... just ask our instructor! 

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