Microlight Flight Training at Sywell in Northamptonshire Call us on 07882 590499
Microlight Flight Training at Sywell in Northamptonshire                          Call us on 07882 590499 

Our Training Aircraft

EV97 Teameurostar UK

Our training aircraft is an EV97 Teameurostar UK fixed-wing microlight, which makes a very comfortable, side-by-side seating configuration, dual control training aircraft.


The EV97 is an all metal construction and makes an extremely stable and easy aircraft to train on. It offers excellent responsive flight qualities and many schools choose to use the EV97 as a training aircraft. It has a very long and safe proven track record in the flight training environment.

Aerodrome Address:

Sunbird Sky

Flylight Flying Club

Sywell Aerodrome

Wellingborough Road Sywell

Northants. NN6 0BN


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